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We Provide Consultancy On Artificial Inelligence Solutions

Artificial intelligence, one of the leading edge technologies has pushed the boundaries of machines enabled functionalities by facilitating machines to learn from the experiences and act autonomously; resulting in effective execution of iterative tasks and maximizes their chances of success. Currently AI has a huge impact on various fields and being used in vision systems, natural language processing, speech and handwriting recognition, intelligent robots and gaming.

Artificial Intelligence

We are emerging US company that helps businesses harness the power of artificial intelligence via an array of AI powered services at competitive prices

Machine Learning Consulting

Out machine Learning Solutions utilize publicly available data on the web  to analyze user behavior and build relevancy models. This approach ensures our models continuously learn and adapt, improving both the content available and the user activity

Deep Learning Consulting

Our models provide accurate and reliable results that benefit your business. Our team works to make sure you are satisfied with the work we provide. We are always ready to work on new and existing project

SaaS Solutions

We assist you in unlocking the treasure trove of unstructured big data to ensure maximized operational efficiencies in terms of cost saving, speed and precision through cloud based software solution

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We Got Started Because We Want to Help You Implement Technology, Easily

Foundation AI is an emerging Machine Learning Company in the United States which provides machine learning and data science services to businesses using publicly available data to the web. We provide a consultation for clients looking to expand their business into the world of artificial intelligence.

With Machine Learning, we analyze user behavior and build relevancy models that learn and improve content and user activity. According to client’s perspective, these technologies help in two ways: by understanding the Intent behind the query itself based on content and by delivering highly relevant results from search queries.

Machine Learning features Include:

  • 1. Sentiment analysis and automated classification of unstructured content.
  • 2. Behavioral analytics from frequency, past actions or actions of similar users.
  • 3. Comparisons of Unstructured Content (titles, descriptions, article leads etc.) for downstream analysis or end-user applications.
  • 4. Recommendations: Contextual information based on preferences, user behaviors and content similarities
  • 5. Relationships between content items based on meta-data, topics, concepts, genres or entities (such as names of people, organizations and locations).


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John C. Dogan

John C. Dogan


Ashodia Hemen

Ashodia Hemen

Data Scientist

Shafaeat Hossain

Shafaeat Hossain



We are committed to make Machine Learning simple to use and easily applicable for business purposes. We are a group of overachievers, frequently pushing the limits for our clients providing services of data processing, image processing and digital image processing. When you associate with us, you get more than an agreement.