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Machine Learning Consulting Company

We utilize available data and use machine learning algorithms to analyze user behavior and build relevant models. Our streamlined operations and technical expertise helps organizations to navigate complexity and make informed and better decisions

Why Choose Us

Solutions That Deliver Real Business Value

Our focus is on delivering solutions that add real business value to your organization. The impact of our solutions is measurable, quick and delivers benefits in weeks, not years; with max ROI.

Use State of the Art Technologies

Our solutions are put together on the latest, most advance technologies and algorithms, so that your business can receive all the benefits of cost efficiency, scalability, flexibility, manageability, and security.

Expert Machine Learning Consultant

We are expert Machine Learning specialists. All our consultants have years of industry experience in delivering machine learning projects. They understand your business and the specific AI solutions that will deliver you the best results.

You Are Just One Step Away From Real Transformation

Since the inception of computer era, enterprises are striving to implant learning capabilities in the computers. The computer modeling of learning processes in their multiple manifestations hold the subject matter of machine learning. It’s a type of AI that provides the computers and machines the ability to learn without explicitly programmed.

In a contemporary business world, machine learning is utilized to make predictions on the basis of structured and unstructured data. It analyzes the organizations existing data to interpret the future trends. This way machine learning provides knowledge to companies to make more informed, data-driven decisions that are faster and leaner than traditional approaches.


Services Under Machine learning

Different organizations across various industries face slow and sparse implementation of machine learning due to the ignorance of its benefits, inadequacy of data sciences professionals and inability to secure leadership buy-in.

With Foundation AI skilled specialists who are able to enable, direct and guide the machine learning initiative, we help to take your business at next level.  We facilities you to make accurate predictions to your business queries through the combination of generalized linear modeling learning algorithms and gradient boosting machine.

Data Warehousing

Many businesses face difficulty in utilizing their data to make informed decisions as their data is not organized at one place. We provide them solution through data warehousing that stores data from multiple systems in a centralized environment.

Model Design, Validation, and Training

Calculating model accuracy is a critical part of any machine learning project, yet many models are put into production without proper validation. Our data science team can work with your team to validate pre-existing models, design new models, and establish a training program that will produce viable, accurate results using best-in-class tools and the best technologies for the problem at hand.

Predictive Analytics

Our experts build predictive models for your business that break through the noise and deliver accurate predictions. They utilize your existing data and transform it to identify future trends and making you one step ahead from your competitors.

Natural Language Processing and Analysis

Our data science professionals draw insights from the voluminous unstructured data through natural language processing and analysis.

"Good communication and adhered to deadlines. Code was well-commented. Would work with again."

Matthew Tonneson

"This team is smart, communicative and clear. I enjoyed working with them on this short but important project. I'd recommend them to others without question."

Josh Zabar



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We are committed to make Machine Learning simple to use and easily applicable for business purposes. We are a group of overachievers, frequently pushing the limits for our clients providing services of data processing, image processing and digital image processing. When you associate with us, you get more than an agreement.