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Software as a Service (SaaS) Consulting Company

Whether it is business to business or business to consumer, We understands the complexities being associated with developing and delivering SaaS in a multi customer environment.  Therefore our consulting service revolves around the main areas of SaaS products that are important to transform the way your business operates.


We Provide Best Consultancy on CRM, ERP, or Marketing Automation system

Our Mission & Vision

Our passion is to help you to with all your data needs

SaaS- software as a service has shaken the roots of software industry’s foundation. Rather than    buying a software licenses for applications like Customer Support Relationship (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), SaaS is hosted off premise and delivered via web.

Mentioned below are some of the compelling drivers of SaaS that makes it a feasible alternative to traditional licensed based applications and in spurring the growth of companies.


  • It ensures the saving of capital expenditures for organizational expenses with IT budgets being tightened & assessed for a better return on investment (ROI).
  • It reliefs managers to focus on their core business model instead of support services such as IT infrastructure management.
  • It meets the reliability and quality standards demanded by business users.
  • New software design and delivery model add value and engage the organizations to outperform in a holistic business environment.

Our Commitment

We believe that shifting from licensed software to SaaS is not a difficult task but the selection and implementation of relevant software often becomes a key issue for your organization. You may face challenge of multi criteria decision making while embracing the appropriate software among the multi products as it is quite a complicated process and you might end up spending more time and money customizing and deploying it than you would have spent building it from scratch. The SaaS solution for your organization must be a positive differentiator to work effectively for the functions of accounting, administration, finance, human resource management and supply chain management. Let Foundation AI helps you to find the best SaaS application solution that best meet the needs of your business by evaluating your strategic priorities, organizational dynamics and market context and work to make you an authority in your market so when customers have a problem, they find their solution in your product. We as a team in foundation AI is specialized in:

  • ERP Solution
  • Marketing Automation System
  • Invoicing Solution
  • Project Management Solution
  • CRM Solution

Our Expertise in SaaS Consulting

Whether it is business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C), Foundation AI understands the complexities being associated with developing and delivering SaaS in a multi customer environment.  Therefore our consulting service revolves around the main areas of SaaS products that are important to transform the way your business operates.


We provide our clients in depth knowledge of the functional modules of Sales Force Automation (SFA) to help them in devising innovative business models. Theses SFA includes:

i. Contact Management:

Contact Management helps organization to keep the database of customers in order to avoid the replication of sales efforts.

ii. Opportunity Management:

It enables the companies to keep track of the various stages of the sales pipelines from lead generation to opportunity tracking etc.  

iii. Sales Performance Management:

It ensures the territory and quota assignment to multiple levels of sales organizations from regions and districts to individual sales person.

iv. Sales Analysis:

The sale analysis modules provide dashboards and reports that act as a catalyst for the businesses to make a sound decision to cut off their expenses that are not going to pay off in future.

SaaS Application Architecture Consulting

Foundation AI motive is to look after your concerns related to the integration, scalability, reliability and security of a SaaS application.

i. Integration:

The ability of SaaS application to integrate efficiently with the on- premise legacy systems ensures the operational cost reduction.

ii. Scalability:

This attribute of SaaS product’s helps in the maintenance of reasonable response time for users even during peak load.

iii. Reliability:

This feature highlights the ability of SaaS product’s to be accessible for the users for given time frame. 

iv. Security:

The major concern for SaaS products is application data security, managing authentication and authorization aspects due to which vendors possessing certifications helps guarantee the security adopted for handling the customer data. 



Foundation AI helps the clients to measure the usability of SaaS products that fit into the realities of their business requirements to harness the positive results. The usability feature comprises of:

i. User Interface:

Easy to use for the regular tasks and the aesthetic nature of graphical elements are the main features of user interface.

ii. Help:

The availability of user manuals and e-Learning plays an essential role to have the better know-how of any SaaS product.

iii. Offline support:

The finest feature of SaaS products is to let users work in an offline mode and synchronized the data once connected to internet. Foundation AI fully comprehends the essence of these application drivers and delivers it to the clients to assist them in making critical architecture trade off decisions that can trigger the long term impact on technology and business scalability. 

"Good communication and adhered to deadlines. Code was well-commented. Would work with again."

Matthew Tonneson

"This team is smart, communicative and clear. I enjoyed working with them on this short but important project. I'd recommend them to others without question."

Josh Zabar



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