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Data Science Consulting Services

We provide artificial intelligence consulting to help organizations implement this technology in their products.

Want Technological Transformation In  Your Business?

In today’s rapidly evolving world, staying up to date is of the essence. Foundation AI is an emerging US-based company that helps businesses harness the power of artificial intelligence via an array of AI- and machine learning-powered services at competitive prices. We build prototypes for our clients on the cloud to reduce costs and use the latest technology. We build websites that process analytics and our services are deployed on cloud platforms such as Google Cloud, AWS, Heroku and more. Our team specializes in software development and we fully grasp the power of manipulating data. As experts in artificial intelligence, we have the upper hand when it comes to technology. We utilize publicly available data on the web and use machine learning algorithms to analyze user behavior and build relevancy models. This approach ensures our models continuously learn and adapt, improving both the content available and the user activity. How can machine learning help your business? It’s simple: our data science and AI-powered services can help you and your business understand the user intent behind their query based on the content alone, and deliver more personalized and highly relevant results from search queries!

Transformation Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Us.

Artificial Intelligence Consulting

We help the enterprises to discover insights from big data and enable to automate their processes using AI Powered Solutions

Deep Learning Consulting

Deep Learning empowers clients to recognize computational models that are composed of multiple processing layers to learn data representation with multiple levels of abstraction

Machine Learning Consulting

We utilize available data and use machine learning algorithms to analyze user behavior and build relevant models. 

SaaS Consulting

Whether it is business to business or business to consumer, We understands the complexities being associated with developing and delivering SaaS in a multi customer environment. 

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